Arte Chic

ARTE, the germano französich Télévizion has broadcasted 3 documentaries about miss Françoise Cactus this month in the CHIC magazine !
Watch them again (in français or auf deutsch) on the TV website :

• 18/02 magazine
• 19/02 magazine

• 20/02 magazine

Spécial thanks to PoGoDeLaPub and Markus for the info.

TV Total (26/12/07)  

Hola Amigos ! There is un nouvos 45t de Stereo Total on Elefant records, el label espanol : PLASTICO EP.
Bella vintage cover, with la chica Françoise in red corrida jacket, and el hombre Brezel more classicos in perfecto.
Quatro titros, todos in espagnol :

Plastico (Plastic fantasticos new version, from the last album)
C'est Fini
Un Rayo Del Sol

Es rocking maximooooo ! Todos los infos and real audios on the Elefant website :

plastico EP

TV Total (04/10/07)

The infernal Duo is back from the USA - where they were touring with the Retard Disco electro dandy Hawnay Troof - back to the old world ! Next dates (at least if you're in France or Belgium) :
20.10.2007 B-Brussels - Botanique, 22.10.2007 F-Paris - La Maroquinerie.

To celebrate the 2 new Simgil videos, the Monokini Team has set up a special video page, from the super 8 Holiday Inn clip to the "Ich bin der Ich bin der Stricherjunge" 70's gigolo. Enjoy !

WFMU live (01/09/07)  

Kill Rock Stars records info : WFMU (an independent radio located somewhere around New York City) has broadcasted a mini Stereo Total concert . 10 live songs, présented by Françoise & Brezel :
Miss Rebellion Des Hormones / I Love You Ono / Musique Automatique / Plastic / Baby Revolution / Patty Hearst / Lolita Fantome / Holiday Innn / l'Amour A 3 / Relax Baby Be Cool.

Don't panic ! the show is still available in the archives pages (in mp3 or real audio) on WFMU website !

Patty Hearst Rundfunk (23/08/07)

Achtuuuuuuuuuuuung ! Stereo Total Patty Hearst show (Patty Hearst - Princess and Terrorist) will be broadcast tomorrow, friday 24, at 8.30 p.m. on Bayrischer Rundfunk !!!!!!!!!!

More infos (auf deutsch) :

Live-stream :

Important info : from now on, MONOKINI will be managed by Youri Margarine (Brussels) and Doro (Paris). Cheeeeeeeeerrrz !

VIVE LA REVOLUTION, by Youri Margarine (06/08/07)

Wunderschön! The new Stereo-album is called Paris-Berlin and it’s a revolution! After the very synthetic Musique Automatique and the chansons d'A of Do the Bambi, the duet returns to the lo-fi and guitar sound, almost recalling Les Lolitas or tracks like "Lunatique" on the Monokini album. As Francoise said in "the love to 3", the sex it is "communist". Bring out your khaki tops, the new album speaks about revolution...sexual revolution, Naturlich. On the menu: free love, hustlers and lolita’s everywhere.
"Baby Revolution" will be the small red book of the album, since the text is signed Bruce LaBruce, cult queer-porn director based in Toronto, and that the vocals are ensured by Linda She-Wolf, singer of the gender-engaged Rhythm King and her friends, and of Eric D.Clark, DJ of the berlino-queer after party "Manyc Monday". The creme of the gender-revolution, therefore!

The first single would be "Ich bin der Stricherjunge" (with a very Fassbinder-like video) - inspired apparently enough of Hustler White, so scandalous, by the same Bruce LaBruce- on a music of Khan, with which Francoise had sung.
Still revolutionary with a vibrating homage of Francoise to Patty Hearst, American college-girl of the 70's turned into a terrorist gangster. As for the covers, Herr Gainsbourg ist de rigueur. Brezel is definitely fan of the album Mauvaises Nouvelles Des Etoiles since after revisiting the title track in his solo album, the leitmotiv is this time "(Relax Baby) Be Cool". Sharper, the cover of "Mehr Licht", by Lem a.k.a Nicolas Ekla, former Ming and Brochettes member, headlights groups of the electro-Belgian scene of the 90’s; and, sehr punk, the polyglot cover of “Modern Musik” by Hermanns Orgie, German punk group of the end of the 7O' S, that some madmen try to rehabilitate. On the barricades, faithful San Reimo and Angie Reed, always ready to bawl. As to me, I have my streamer: "Ta voix au téléphone", fav track, next single and remixes!!!
Revolutionary yours, see you in October.
Youri Margarine


Le Marquis de Coco Nut was back in Berlin for the first time in 13 years. He met the LOLITAS again and they gave a reunion concert altogether : Coco Nut, Françoise Cactus, Olga and Tutti Frutti. You can see a movie clip from the show in windowsmedia (Violent Love), on the Marquis' website :

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