Bingo ! DISKO B has opened a new PARIS-BERLIN page, where you can hear a 1 minute sample of every song. Click on the image on the right to get there.

The new album sounds just g-r-e-a-t. I aint got very much infos about each song, except that Relax Baby Be Cool was written by Mr Serge Gainsbourg, on his first reggae LP. There some punkyrock songs, funkypop tracks, deutschgroove melodies, yéyétronik tricks, and extraordinaire Stereo Total production.

Track-list :

1. Miss Rebellion des Hormones / 2. Ich bin der Stricherjunge / 3. Plastic / 4. Komplex mit dem Sex / 5. Lolita Fantome / 6. Küsse aus der Hölle der Musik / 7. Plus minus null / 8. Mehr Licht / 9. Ta Voix Au Telephone / 10. Patty Hearst / 11. Baby Revolution / 12. Relax Baby Be Cool / 13. Chewinggum / 14. Moderne Musik

PARIS-BERLIN (10/04/07)

The new neu nouveau Stereo Total album will be called PARIS - BERLIN and will be available in June, 22nd. Ain't got any more info as we speak, I hope I'll get some in the near future. See Disko B newsletter below. Cheeeerz.

ref : CD/LP || DB147 & DB147CD

Disko B newsletter : (Disko B / Hausmusik / Indigo; GAS & ROW: 22.06.2007 / June, 22nd 2007; USA: July, 10th 2007). Richtig gelesen, Stereo Total, das charismatische deutsch-franzoesische Electro-Pop Duo, veroeffentlichen ihr neues fantastisches Album hier auf Disko B.

LES LOLITAS (04/04/07)  

There's a new webpage about LES LOLITAS, Françoise Cactus' first band in the late 80's / early 90's. OK, the site is rather small, but you can listen to several rare songs, presented by CoCo Nut, ex-Lolitas guitarist.

COCO NUT website :


The new Best of Stereo Total is coming. PARTY ANTICONFORMISTE will be available on CD and double LP, with 2 rarities (In/out, Carte Postale) and a brand new version of Schön von Hinten. Bonus include 5 videos on the Cd, and a poster with the the vinyl LP. Great trash kitsch bordélik picture sleeve.

I. (CHANSON) : 1. Schoen von hinten (new unreleased version) / 2. Supergirl / 3. Les chansons d’A / 4. Dactylo Rock / 5. Touche-moi / 6. Cosmonaute
II. (EIGHTIES-ELECTRO) : 7. Ach ach Liebling / 8. I love you ONO / 9. Sweet Charlotte / 10. Musique automatique / 11. Exakt neutral / 12. Supercool
III. (ROCK’N’ROLL) : 13. Comme un garçon / 14. Lunatique / 15. Miau miau / 16. Carte postale (long deleted b-side) / 17. In/out (long deleted b-side) / 18. Fuer immer 16
IV. (DISCO) : 19. Party anticonformiste / 20. Holiday Innn / 21. Push it / 22. Liebe zu dritt / 23. C’est la mort / 24. Wir tanzen im 4-eck.
Videos : (CD only) : Liebe zu dritt / Wir tanzen im 4-eck / Holiday Innn / Schoen von hinten / Miau Miau (unreleased).

Ref : Bungalow Records bung126. Release date : 16/02/07.
Available at the Bungalow Pop Shop


Exclusive Francoise info : Bungalow will soon release a new compilation called PARTY ANTICONFORMISTE - THE BUNGALOW YEARS. It should be available this month, maybe next ( says 16/02). I don't have any track list yet, buy I hope some unreleased / remix stuff will be on this best of.

THE NEW ALBUM is almost ready, and should be out this spring. Françoise says it is terrific ("au printemps sortira notre nouvel album qui n'a pas encore de titre mais que nous venons juste de terminer et que je trouve terrible!"). No title so far. They played one song in Paris last November : Miss Rébellion des Hormones.

Keep on rocking in Berlin ! Ooooh, talking about Berlin, there's some new german electropopfunk coming soon on Bungalow too. It's called DANA & SIRIUSMO. Kool stuff. Don't miss it !

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