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  • Stereo Total, Was ist das ?
    Stereo Total is : Françoise Cactus (vocals, drums, gitarre, synthesizer) & Brezel Göring (vocals, synthesizer, spezialeffekte, organ, gitarre, pocketsampler, drumatix).
  • Did they record many albums ? Wieviel ?
    So far, (10/2005), 6 albums : Oh Ah, Monokini, Juke-Box Alarm, My Melody, Musique Automatique, and Do The Bambi, at least 17 singles or maxi singles, plus a huge pack of weird remixes and incredible stuff scattered on countless compilations (see Stereodisco). Not forgeting Trésors Cachés, their MP3 record.
  • Were there any other stereototos ?
    Exakt ! The other Stereo Totos were : Lesley Campbell (gt), Iznogood (bs), Angie Reed (gt), San Reimo (org). See Stereodisco.
  • In my local record shop, es gibt kein Stereo Total, what can I do ?
    No problem. All the Stereo Total records are available at the Bungalow pop shop.
  • I don't understand their bizarre lyrics. In what are they singing ?
    Francoise & Brezel sing en francais, auf deutsch, in english, en espagnol, in italiano, in portuguese, a la turque and in japanese.
  • Stereo Total live ? Auf CD ?
    No live CD around so far, but the Eurosonic gig is available there. And there are many live CDR spazieren around.
  • Françoise Cactus Pulitzer Price ?
    Warum nicht ? Françoise Cactus has written 4books : Abenteuer einer provinzblume (1999), Autobigophonie ( her own imaginary biography, published in 1996 on Martin Schmitz Verlag editions), Zitterparties (2000), und Neurozen Zum Valentinstag (2004). Auf deutsch only.
  • Where is Villeneuve L'Archevêque ?
    Françoise's native town is a charming little french city (1203 souls), lying in the departement of Yonne, somewhere in Bourgogne.
  • Ein Brezel, SVP !
    The brezel is a typical german cracker, also appreciated in Alsace (Fr), where it's called bretzel.


(Mit special merci à Olivier Stupp pour les questions)